Огни Имандры

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+7 (926) 557-28-57

+7 (926) 557-28-57

A large house in the 16200 weekend, weekdays 13500 rubles per day


Spacious guest house can be very useful approach large groups of tourists who come to our region for new sensations, for parties, birthdays and even weddings. We have tried to make this house as comfortable and unusual.
The house can comfortably accommodate up to 18 people. Here are a few bedrooms for the number of guests, a Grand ballroom with a TV and a music centre, a warm shower room and toilet.
A little about the rooms:
1. Room "Married". There is a huge bed with pillars and canopy, dim lights and pleasant interior. In this room a pleasure to Wake up!
2. "Japanese room" is decorated in the appropriate style: restrained minimalism, Sakura and real fountain. Lovers of peace and quiet will appreciate these apartments.
3. Room "Ship". It is here that your children will be all hands on deck! It is a Paradise for Junior guests. Sure, they will feel like real pirates, conquerors of the sea. And im sure there will be dream only the good dreams!
The rest of the room designed for a few people. They created all conditions for a pleasant rest and sleep: comfortable beds, desks, chairs and cabinets.


Стоимость временного проживания указана за одни сутки.

Будние дни: воскресенье, понедельник, вторник, среда, четверг.

Выходные дни: пятница, суббота, праздники.

заезд в 14:30, выезд до 12:00.