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Tour hunters for the Northern lights

Where to see the Northern lights? This question is raised by all those who came to relax in the Murmansk oblast. In the city to catch the bright flashes and enjoy their quirky game is quite difficult. The charm and beauty of this natural phenomenon appears surrounded by a white vastness of the Russian forests.

Northern lights - the most interesting and mysterious phenomenon in the Russian North. Everyone who comes to rest in the Arctic wants to see him. This season we decided that dreams have to come true, and launched a new snegohodnomu excursion and educational program "Hunters for the Northern Lights".

As with any hunt, you must know the place and time when you can catch your coveted trophy. This will help us staff the Kola scientific centre of the RAS, who know where and when and the sky will be lit up with bright flashes. They are not only for us to prepare a forecast but also to go with us on the hunt for lights. Scientists will tell you about how you receive the lights, shows how best to capture and make the best selfie.

Please note! The tours are conducted by appointment by phone. When booking, you specify your length of stay in Murmansk region. After we receive the exact forecast about the place of the glow of the Northern lights, we notify you of the start time of the tour. The journey takes place in the evening and at night.

Northern lights captured on the basis of rest the lights of the Imandra 22.12.2016

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