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Snow village
Buildings made of ice. Tour the tourist center "snow Village" is a unique project, which has been successfully implemented since 2008. Once in the Khibiny mountains the first snow falls, at the foot of the mountains of snow Vadhavkar construction.

Preparation is the most thorough and painstaking: the theme of "Snow Village" is determined in advance, snow is prepared and sculptors come. Snow-an unusual material, but it allows you to create incredible in its beauty shapes and images, and imagination, intelligence and perseverance of man allow you to realize the most daring plans. The idea of "Snow Village" is always unique, every time it is a new building with its halls, corridors, intricate patterns and, of course, a unique spirit. All buildings are made of snow by human hands: from the usual snow cubes appear walls of the future Village, and the interior of the winter halls get visible outlines.
"Snow Village" is not just a structure of snow and ice, it is a real work of art created by like-minded people. At the time, Vladimir Komyagin United such extraordinary, creative and kind people around him. He is an inspirer, snow master and soul of this project!

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