Огни Имандры

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Hunter's house 6 people.

Russian Chalet for 8 persons

Small house for 4 people


Warm gazebo with outdoor fireplace on the shores of lake Imandra


Big house for 18 people

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Accommodation in comfortable houses on the shore of lake Imandra with panoramic views of the Khibiny mountains.


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The base of rest "the lights of the Imandra" is located near the cities of Apatity, Kirovsk and Murmansk, North of Russia and Europe on the shores of lake Imantra. The largest freshwater lake rich with fish and surrounded by forests and mountains of the Khibiny massif.

Reserve a comfortable home surrounded by pristine nature. On scenic lake marinas with boats, secure Parking, a large landscaped area with various entertainment for every taste and wealth. Well-kept grounds and trees with lights, manual proteins and titmouse. Prepared place for barbecue, Playground, sauna, chickens and geese - are important components of a good holiday! Gorgeous views of the Khibiny massif and the boundless North lake Imandra.

The benefits of recreation on the basis of "the lights of the Imandra":

1. Good location in a picturesque location which is easily accessible. Quickly get to the ski slopes of Kirovsk. If no car, transportation.

2. A flexible pricing policy. On weekdays, the rent is cheaper! Besides rallies and regular customers discounts.

3. Comfortable cabins. The staff takes care of the comfort of the guests. The houses have warm bathrooms, kitchens, a TV and soft furnishings.

4.Food fresh produce and food chef. Tasty and convenient, no need to take food with them, cook, wash and put away dishes.

5. The rest is possible without overnight stay. If you just want to spend time outdoors, at the base equipped warm house for 15 people.

6. Snowmobiling in the waters of the lake or a trip to the mountains organised group with a guide.

7. Conditions for ice fishing. Well caught smelt, whitefish, burbot, caught trout and salmon.

8. Our recreation center is perfect for events because in the Banquet hall freely is 50 people.

Today "the lights of the Imandra" one of the most comfortable and popular bases in the Murmansk region. A huge well-kept grounds and variety of lodges give you the opportunity to spend a quiet family holiday or to unwind a large company. On the basis of provided areas for outdoor sports, including water, there are places for walks and cooking kebabs. The territory is pleasant to walk and spend time enjoying nature and the views.

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